About the Indieologist

The Indieologist features essays on World-Building written by a professional graphic artist & amateur world-builder, living in Denver, Colorado. The essays contained within this blog will primarily focus on world-building through a gaming lens.

My collection of tabletop roleplaying and worldbuilding books.

My educational background as an anthropologist has provided the framework with which I seek to analyze worldbuilding, in addition to building on my years of experience as both a player and game-master of several tabletop roleplaying games, this blog will seek to provide an analysis of worldbuilding and hopefully a few resources to help out any aspiring worldbuilders. In addition to providing resources on worldbuilding generally, The Indieologist will also feature explorations of independent video game worlds and analysis of the ideas that make them unique (and have sparked my imagination and creativity) – in hopes of providing further worldbuilding inspiration.

That being said – Welcome to The Indieologist– let’s build some worlds together.